ISLAMABAD- Special Court will hear the petition filed by Former President Pervez Musharraf today, seeking permission to go abroad to meet his ailing mother in Dubai and for his own medical treatment .

Former military dictator has taken a plea in the petition that even though he looks healthy apparently but his health condition is alarming. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Former President Asif Ali Zardari had also gone abroad for their treatment; therefore, he should also be allowed to leave the country for his medical treatment .

The application further stated that AFIC Medical Board, which was constituted under the order of the court, had also mentioned in its report, that he could suffer a heart attack  due to stress during the process of surgery in connection with diagnosis of heart problem. This heart attack can prove life threatening. Even though outstanding facilities are available for the treatment of heart patients in AFIC but, when angiography of his father was conducted therein, his father could not survive due to certain problems ensued in consequence of this test. Its psychological impact on him is but natural. He was not ready to take the risk and wants to go through angiography from abroad.  

In the application he also pleaded that his mother was ill and she needed his support.  So he should be granted permission to meet her to make all the arrangements for her treatment and proper health care. It also stated “I will appear whenever court summons me”

The court has issued notices to prosecution with reference to this petition. This application will come up for hearing before the court on March 7, 2014.