In two dacoity incidents took place in neighboring houses on Gujranawala Road in Nai Abadi, 25 dacoits made off with gold ornaments, cash and valuables worth Rs3 million from both houses in wee hours of Wednesday.

The outlaws dividing in two groups entered into Mian Maqsood and Arif Ch’s houses. After holding up the family members, they decamped with valuables at gun point. Later, the victims along with other area people blocked the traffic on the Gujranwala Road for two hours.

The protesters against the deteriorated law and order and police apathy chanted slogans. They were demanding security for the residents of Nai Abadi and arrest of the culprits. The police high-ups reached the site and assured the protesters of arresting the outlaws. Sadar police have started investigation with no arrest so far.

KITE FLYING: In an attempt to catch a straw kite the tongue of seven years old boy was cut in Housing Colony.

Tassawar Hussain was taken to local DHQ Hospital. Although the district administration had put restriction on kite flying yet the flyers never missed any opportunity to commit the violation.