LAHORE  - PTI Punjab chapter has accused the provincial government of using police to intimidate their voters and supporters in PP-81 (Jhang) by-polls to steal the results.

Ijaz Chaudhry, PTI Punjab President made this accusation while addressing a Press conference alongwith other leaders at party’s provincial secretariat on Wednesday.

He alleged that he alongwith other party leaders nabbed Mehmood Ahmed, Presiding Officer of Long Shumali polling station while assisting the rigging practices. However, the police has not registered a case against the accused Presiding Officer despite PTI leadership’s uproar regarding his crime, he said. Ijaz maintained that a PTI leader from Sargodha had been detained by the police under the allegation of carrying illegal fire arms, however, he had licenced weapons in his custody.

He said that district administration and police was freely used by the ruling party members against the PTI candidate voters and supporters and PML-N would have lost the by-polls in PP-81 if a fair fight took place. Meanwhile, PTI (women wing) Punjab held a seminar in connection with the International Women’s Day, which was addressed by Dr Nasira Javed Iqbal, Talat Naqvi, Saloni Bokhari, Shamsa Ali, Sadia Sohail and Sara Ahmed.

They highlighted the importance of the International Women’s Day. They said that the women were playing important role in all fields and professions and country could not progress without women’s participation. They underlined the need for the Ratification of the ILO’s Conventions on Home Based Workers and Domestic Workers especially to assist the women. They also demanded stern laws to protect the women against the backdrop of increasing crimes against women.  PTI women leaders while highlighting the achievements of the KPK government claimed that the previous two governments were unable to bring about any positive reforms regarding the law and order and security situation in the province.

However, PTI was determined to change the situation and had already begun working on a good policing system in the volatile province.

They said that health and education reforms were being carefully monitored to benefit the women.