LAHORE - A Siberian woman filed a suit in the Lahore High Court, seeking recovery of her minor from the custody of her former husband on Wednesday.

Aina Poly Kapova, a resident of Siberia which is a former Russian State, filed a suit submitting that she wed with Naseer Hamayun, a Lahore Baghbanpura resident, four years back. The petitioner said their wedlock resulted into the birth of a baby girl which was named as Aneeta Poly Kapova.

She said that the respondent brought her daughter into Pakistan when she was only three years old. She requested the court to direct police for the recovery of her minor Aneeta, now was six years old.

Justice Alia Neelam of the Lahore High Court was hearing her plea. During the course of hearing, police officers appeared in the court and said that the respondent had flown to Kenya before arrival of the petitioner lady.

Police said that the respondent told a fake name to petitioner lady as his original name was Fayyaz and he was resident of Defence area and not of Baghbanpura.