LAHORE - The two-day Gypsy Mela organised by Grass-root Organisation for Human Development (GODH – Lahore) concluded on Wednesday at Children Library Complex.

The Gypsy Mela was organised in collaboration with Children Library Complex (CLC) and Punjab Social Welfare Department.

Provincial Labor Minister Raja Ashfaq Sarwar kicked off the second day by cutting a ribbon. While visiting stalls he urged on the need to keep alive this culture and traditions, saying that gypsies were very talented and skillful people. “We need to arrange such events more often,” he said. Hubb Consultant Misereor visited and inaugurated the local government birth registration desk.  Number of colorful and thrilling items like dances, songs and magic shows were the source of fun for visitors. More than 1200 gypsy children in their cultural traits participated and performed at the event which was applauded by all. Folk performers from across the country also performed at mela. Krishan Lal Bheel from Cholistan, Sain Iqbal Group, Yousaf Punjabi and a number of other artists performed at the Mela.

Other than performances and stalls, swings, rides and other sports events were also a part of the mela.  The event aimed to highlight art and culture of gypsy people, highlight their hardships and identity issues as well as to aware people regarding their due rights. 

Famous singer Jawwad Ahmed during his visit gave a beautiful message of inclusion of all people from all sectors. He sung a number of songs on the occasion also.