Five kilogrammes of explosives planted at Goth Machi Railway Station went off just a few minutes after the Rawalpindi-bound 40 up Jaffar Express passed through the location.

Terrorists had planted an explosive near almost 9 kilometres from Sadiqabad and the explosive was attached with two remote control devices.

Only one portion of the explosive could be blown up through a remote control. Later, a bomb disposal squad reached the scene and defused the second portion of explosive. Police cordoned off the area and started search operation. Due to the blast, the service on up and down track remained suspended.

All the passenger trains were halted at Rahim Yar Khan, Sadiuqabad and Goth Machi railway stations. After repair of the affected railway track in four hours, the train service on both the tracks was restored. Baloach Liberation Army claimed the responsibility of this terrorist activity, according to police.