Peshawar- The registration of cases against the parents and guardians of children, who had refused to vaccinate polio to their children, have reduced the refusal cases in the province.

According to reports, the police were arrested 1,200 parents and guardians of the children who remained unvaccinated against the crippling disease, during the first round of Sehat Ka Ittehad (Alliance for Health) last week. About 512 people, including 471 in Peshawar and 41 in Nowshera, were arrested by the respective district administrations for their refusal to vaccinate their children.

They were freed when they submitted an undertaking that they would not oppose immunization. It has been seen first time that the vaccination program is backed by the administration at the highest level. Sources said that issuance of arrest warrants against the parents wasn’t a policy of the government. There is no law to make vaccination lawfully binding on the parents, but it has proved a blessing in disguise for the children, who were not vaccinated during the past two to four years and risked the ailment.

Only 23,000 refusal cases were recorded in February against the 47,000 cases in January, owing to full administrative support in all districts where deputy commissioners supervised the vaccination. If same tempo of SKI program was maintained in the next rounds, refusal cases could be covered.