Today I happened to travel on the motor way, at Pindi-Bhatian-Faisalabad turn FWO is doing some repair work. Many machines and people were working but what caught my attention were four ladies. In their bright colorful dresses I could easily see them, they had iron bristled brushes and were rubbing and cleaning the road, which was going to be carpeted. To me it seemed to be a rueful site. No one can deny women’s role in nation building. They have always played a pivotal role in our economy. They work on farms, in houses and factories but such labour, in the midst of male workers, seemed quiet awkward and a bit cruel. Females working on roads was never seen in Pakistan. I have seen female sweepers, they come out in the early morning and work side by side with the male workers. Women are good teachers, lawyers, writers and doctors. Our society should not put upon them the burden of such physical labour which requires physical strength. In this era of machines it is even more cruel.


Islamabad, February 28.