LAHORE - A man accused of dacoity on Thursday managed to escape police custody after a single bench of the Lahore High Court dismissed his bail petition.

Mukhtar alias Bodo, the suspect, had filed the bail application in an FIR registered against him for his alleged involvement in dacoity in Okara District. He said he was implicated in the case and was not involved in any kind of dacoity.

The accused when saw that his bail application was about to be dismissed, he secretly escaped from the courtroom and ran away. Police officials deputed there could not arrest him.

120 gangsters arrested in


Lahore SSP (Investigations) Rana Ayaz Saleem has said that the investigations police arrested 120 hardened criminals involved in dacoity, robbery, house robbery, theft, murder, and other heinous crimes, during the month of February. The police also recovered looted property and illegal weapons worth ten million rupees from their possession.

According to a police spokesperson, the top police investigator also said that the police also arrested two gangsters had shot and killed a citizen Asad and seriously injured Muhammad Arshad for putting up resistance during a robbery attempt in Kahna police precincts.

The arrested bandits were identified as the members of Qasim alias Qasu gang, Noor alias Bhola dacoit gang, Dilbar Masih alias Billa dacoit gang, Samran dacoit gang, Mazhar alias Mazhari dacoit gang, Mushtaq alias Mushtaqi motorcycle snatcher, Muhammad Ishaq alias Billa thief gang and Sharafat alias Sharafto Naqabzan gang. At least thirty hardened criminals are also among the arrested gangsters who had a history of violence and crimes.

During preliminary investigations, the bandits confessed to more than 183 heinous cases while police recovered cash, motorcycles, mobile phones, laptops, and illegal firearms from their possession.

The SSP (Investigation) further said that special investigation units are activated to hunt down the hardened criminal operating in Lahore. He said that the policemen are ordered to track down the criminals wanted to the police in heinous crimes by applying modern techniques and technology. Rana Ayaz Saleem also hoped that the arrests of hardened criminals would help police downgrade crimes like dacoity, robbery, and auto-lifting in the provincial metropolis.