There are more than ten million people who are suffering from hepatitis C in our country and the frightening disease is spreading alarmingly. Pakistan stands 5th in the list of the countries, where this life threatening disease has crippled many people. Hepatitis C is being treated but the medication has many side effects. Though a new drug has brought much better results. There is a rat race among different companies to get the dealership of the said drug. It seems that a famous pharmaceutical company has got the dealership but the price is rather exorbitant. The price of one tablet is Rs 2,000, surly out of reach for the middle class and the lower class. I humbly solicit our government to encourage other foreign companies to introduce this medicine at an affordable price. The healthy competition among the drug companies will render the price of this life saving drug acceptable to the poor and common people afflicted by Hepatitis C.


Wah Cantt, February 28.