Lahore - The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has vowed to hold its election in a free, fair and transparent manner in accordance with the FIFA/AFC approved statutes and election rules and directives.

The PFF spokesman has said that the PFF elections are held after every four years. “The election process has already been commenced with the mandatory completion of clubs scrutiny. The first tier of the election process is elections of the district football association to be completed before March 31 for which the schedule has already been given.”

He added that after the completion of district association elections, the schedule for the provincial/regional football election would be given and their elections would be held before April 30. Then PFF elections then will be completed by July 31 as per PFF statutes and election rules.” “All the necessary directives have been given to the provincial/regional football associations and the electoral committee. All information regarding the elections is also available on the PFF website,” he concluded.