ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Kabaddi Federation (PKF) secretary Rana M Sarwar announced to conduct International Kabaddi Cup 2015 from April 2 to 8 at POF Wah Sports Complex.

Sarwar announced this during an interview with The Nation on Thursday and said: “It will be a four-nation event in which India, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan's four teams will participate. We wanted to enter five national teams, but later decided to include four. The main reason behind conducting the event in POF is safe, secure and conducive environment of the POF, where teams will feel more comfortable and there will be no security issues there.”

He said the event would be held under the banner of Asian Kabaddi Federation (AKF) while World Kabaddi Federation (WKF) rules and regulations would be followed. “We have invited international umpires to conduct the event to ensure free, fair and transparent results which will be acceptable to all. We want to give a clear message to kabaadi world that we are more interested in holding the event, rather than winning it through unfair means.

“We are currently No 2 in world and also in Asia, but we will soon grab the top position. Had India not used dirty tricks in the World Cup held recently, where local umpires were hired to get favorable results, we could have returned as crowned champions. We are quite satisfied with the decision of the WKF decision of refusing to recognise the event,” he added.

Sarwar said: “We totally rely on Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) annual grant of Rs 1.8 million and Rs 2.5 million special grant, but that amount is too low to arrange training camps, touring abroad and participate in international events in such meager amount. We request the PSB, IPC minister and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to issue directives to substantially enhance our annual grant and provide facilities to our players, keeping in mind our tremendous achievements and unmatched records.”

“We had requested former premier Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani to allocate a separate ground for kabaddi federation where we could practice freely, but we have been waiting since 2009 for implementation of orders. We rely on the PSB venues for practice and other purposes. Though the PSB fully cooperate with us in this regard yet we had high ambitions and set goals to accomplish for which we need grounds and special grants. I request the IPC minister to raise the issue with the PM. I am quite sure, being a sportsman and a great sports lover, the PM will not hesitate to fulfill our genuine demand,” Sarwar urged.

He said: “Being secretary of AKF, I managed to get some assistance from the Asian body as well in shape of tickets and other incentives, but we need proper finances to take kabaddi to new heights. Our players have potential to excel at the top, we have great coaches, who are highly qualified but we do need a place where we may train.”

“The PSB has ordered us to vacate the office in their premises and promised to support us financially to bear the expenditures of the office rent and other things. We are looking for a new place to relocate the federation office. I request the PSB to give alternative place in their premises, just like they did to Islamabad Football Association (IFA), as it will be very difficult for players to communicate with the federation if the office is shifted outside the PSB. I hope the PSB will consider our request and give reply in positive,” Sarwar concluded.

Sharing his views, Director National Federations Azam Dar said: “We are not relocating federation offices in bad intentions, but it is a genuine problem due to security reasons. We will enhance annual grant of kabaddi federation and try to facilitate them as much as we can and also lend a helping hand to the federation in shifting of their office.”