LAHORE - Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has said a match-fixing show was on display in the shape of Senate elections. He said that an ordinance was issued by the president in the dark of the night which has exposed the importance of the parliament.

In a statement, he said the Election Commission was nowhere to be seen and Parliamentarians were brought in "cages" to ensure that they cast their votes. The PM had given Rs 30 million to each MP and provided them food for a week to ensure that the PML-N wins the maximum number of Senate seats. Under these circumstances where does the parliament stand, he asked.

The PAT chief said that sham democracy and sham elections will never change the future of the poor people.

said this was the biggest fraud anyone has ever played in the history of the country and the rulers have to their credit of holding incomplete senate elections.

Dr Qadri said until elections are held in Fata the senate shall remain incomplete and the elections for its chairman and deputy chairman cannot be held. He said this is the work of the powers which support status quo and do not want to see this system run smoothly.