LAHORE - The newly-elected body of Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on Thursday adopted a resolution against establishment of military courts.

The bar announced to observe ‘black day’ on every week as a protest against the said courts. The bar took this decision during general house meeting.  

Bar president Pir Masood Chishti said formation of the military courts amounted to deviate from the Constitution and establishing a parallel judicial system. He said the bar would observe black day on every Thursday and the lawyers would perform their work wearing black armbands. Black flags would also be hoisted on the bar premises, he said.  

Meanwhile, some lawyers and religious scholars on Thursday urged the federal government to play its due role for legislation to stop publication and spread of blasphemous material and caricatures through various communication sources across the world.

The speakers said that leaders of Islamic countries should be called to develop consensus over the issue of blasphemy. They expressed these views while addressing a seminar titled ‘Great Character of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’ held at the Lahore High Court Bar Association here on Thursday.

They said Muslims cannot tolerate blasphemy of the prophets, messengers of Almighty Allah and they vowed to hold protest against the blasphemous material on weekly basis at GPO Chowk Mall road.

The representatives of Tehreek-i-Hurmat-i-Rasool, Hurmat-i-Rasool Lawyers Movement, Al-Ummah lawyers’ forum and others speakers spoke on the occasion.