Use of alcohol in our society has become a big issue. Our society is getting very much prone to alcohol nowadays. I am very much amazed that how alcohol is available in the famous hotels of Islamabad? Why it’s still in use despite been banned.

It’s really very alarming as young generation is becoming victim of this societal evil very rapidly. Although, alcohol and beer are banned in Pakistan and legally no one can buy these, but still it is available at approximately all the hotels and restaurants. Islamabad has become the hub of this societal evil. The road side cafes are very much common in providing liquors and other beverages like beer. Our youth is accustomed to visit such cafes in groups and have got addicted to liquors. Some restaurants are also selling these on very cheap rates. We are living in an Islamic country. Desire to be modern is ruining us, especially our youth. Our own people are involved in tarnishing our young generation. They are the future of Pakistan. Pakistan’s future will be destroyed by our own hands by spreading such a bad and evil thing in this massive way. This evil is also giving birth to other worst things. Youth is also getting involved in robbery and theft for fulfilling their needs of this addiction.

It is my request to the government that it should take serious steps against the hotels and restaurants which are promoting this immoral thing in our society. It’s very essential to take such steps for the future of Pakistan.


Rawalpindi, February 15.