ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar reviewed the status of budget 2016-17 preparation during a meeting with senior officials of the finance ministry here on Sunday.

The finance secretary presented a comparative analysis of revenue and expenditure position of the current year and made suggestions for the next financial year. The meeting was informed that budget call circulars have already been issued to ministries and departments.

Dar expressed satisfaction over fiscal results for the first eight months of the CFY 2015-16. He stressed continued vigilance on expenditure in line with revenue receipts so that the budgetary targets were achieved without fail.

Dar emphasized that the national security, rehabilitation of TDPs, poverty reduction, energy and infrastructure development continue to be the priorities of the government and the budget 2016-17 should reflect these priorities.

He also stated that the government's focus on accelerated and inclusive economic growth should remain as the guiding principle during the budget making process.