Accountability of the elite in Pakistan is an elusive and daunting task. Whether it is the National Accountability Bureau or Ehtesab Commission, both institutions at provincial and federal levels have been doing commendable jobs in bringing high profile corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to account. But their sincere attempts to bring the looted money back to national exchequer are held hostage to politicisation. Those political parties who are only paying lip service to the accountability and anti corruption drive, are terming these institutions efforts as political victimisation and revenge, whenever someone amongst their ranks is apprehended.

Unfortunately, those who were hitherto considered the flag bearers of accountability and anti corruption seem to have gone back on their principles.KP government has introduced an amendment to the accountability commission act thereby making the KP Ehtesab Commission subservient to the provincial govt and bureaucracy. The Commission is no more independent. DG Ehtesab Commission, a man with an impeccable career, has already informed the PTI leadership of his reservations regarding the amendment, but neither Imran Khan nor Pervez Khattak has heeded to his calls .Consequently in view of the cold shoulder given by the PTI leadership, Mr.Hamid khan had no other option but to resign in dignity. Especially Mr.Imran khan should have given a due response to the DG Ehtesab Commission’s concerns and direct the provincial government to scrap the amendment in order to restore the previous vigour of the commission.


Peshawar, February 13.