NEW DELHI - Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag believes Pakistani retired cricketers are attracted by big money and this is the reason they are working in India and praising the players a lot.

The former right-hand batsman specifically targeted former Pakistan fast-bowler Shoaib Akhtar during his conversation with stand-up comedian Vikram Sathaye.

“Shoaib has been praising Indian players a lot these days,” exclaimed Sathaye, to which Sehwag reacted: “That is because they want business in India. They know India is a huge market for cricket. If they talk good about Indian cricket, they will get business. It’s the power of money).” Moreover, Sathaye also mentioned former Pakistan right-arm quickie Rana Navedul Hasan. “Rana Naved is also talking a lot of good things about our cricket,” remarked Sathaye, to which Sehwag said: “He may be taking a cue from Shoaib, hoping that Star Sports or someone will pick him. You see all these former Pakistani cricketers want some business from India.”

Furthermore, Sehwag said that his kids would always tease him if they ever lost to Pakistan. “My kids would tease me a lot if we lost to Pakistan,” recalled Sehwag.

“They would be worried about their friends teasing them the next day in school. So, imagine the pressure on me from my kids when I used to bat.”