A Muslim American came into the limelight for practicing his right to freedom of speech in Donald Trump’s election rally in Michigan.

Sayed Saqib Hussain Javed-Radawi is an American Muslim born of parents from Pakistan. He is a Pre-Law student at Wayne State University, studying Criminal Justice.

Since the start of the current Presidential Election Campaign in the United States of America Donald Trump has made headlines without fail. His speeches have been criticized as being full of hate, racism and animosity against the minorities, especially Muslims in America. While some have welcomed his thoughts, others have rejected and condemned him for his ideas.

Saqib Javed is one of the few who stood up fearlessly against Trump to show his dislike for his ideas. Wearing the traditional dress sherwani, and being well groomed, he knew very well what the results of his actions would be.

Speaking to The Nation Saqib Javed said, “People thought I was there to support Trump. When I started chanting ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists; not all Mexicans are rapists,’ the crowd got hostile. I was five feet away from Trump. He told the police to take me out of the rally and the police said if I didn't leave I would be arrested.”

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