KARACHI: Renowned Architect and Former Consultant Orangi Pilot Project Arif Hasan said that the grass root issue of Karachi’s every problem is connected with mismanagement and improper planning.

He claimed that global warming does not hit our city yet. He pointed out the tall structures on sea shore and unplanned hindrances created on drainage system cause climatic change and floods in Karachi. He was addressing at the Dept. of Public Administration, University of Karachi in a lecture series on Urban Governance: Complexities and Strategies organized by Dr. Ghazal Khawaja Hummayun Akhtar.

 He also spoke on transport issue of Karachi.  Responding to the question on encroachments creating mess on roads he said that all successive government tried to work on the cosmetic engineering in the city. Moreover, he stated that densification of Karachi in the absence of political local representation will turn out to be hazardous. He stressed planners to formulate certain regulation through which housing and transport issue of Karachi could be addressed. He also pointed out that instead altogether banned the Qingui from the roads of Karachi it could be regulated well as a rickshaw in Japan. He stress that the complete ecology of a city should be taken into consideration for drafting a policy. His pictorial view of Karachi mesmerized the students.

 Dr. Ghazal Khawaja Hummayun Akhtar concluded that the city Karachi is no more a land of immigrants. She quoted a proverb that, a developed is not one where poor have cars it is where rich use public transport.

 She stressed on the revival of local governance system where local inhabitants could generate their own tailored solutions. She pointed out that Karachi is a diversified city and this diversification is its strength. It is very unfortunate that every political group portrayed the picture of this diversity as a threat to an area. She stressed that now the time has come that everyone should contribute positively up to their extent.