KARACHI: United Nations (UN) has appointed Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, former Federal Minister of Science & Technology, as Chairman of a UN Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

 Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman will chair the first meeting at the UN Economic Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) meeting in Bangkok on 7th March (today).

 A senior official of the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi (UoK) said on Sunday that the committee will discuss the ways and means to promote science, technology and innovation so that member states can benefit from the explosive growth of knowledge.

Knowledge is transforming the landscape of many countries who are investing in higher education and in the promotion of innovation through the applications of science and technology, he maintained.

 It is worth mentioning here that Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Cambridge University (1968). He has 1021 publications in several fields of organic chemistry including 728 research publications, 37 international patents, 68 chapters in books and, 188 books published largely by major U.S. and European press. Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman also headed the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan as chairman.

 He said that in 2015 United Nations General Assembly adopted the most ambitious and comprehensive agenda for the next 15 years known as Agenda 20-30. It came to improve the welfare of the world citizens in a sustainable and inclusive manner, he added.

 It also pertinent to mention here the member states of the Economic Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) decided that the main theme for the 72nd Session, 2016 would be “Harnessing Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development.” A committee has been formed to implement this decision which is co-chaired by Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, FRS and Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid, Science Adviser to the Prime Minister, Malaysia

 Vice Chancellor University of Karachi Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser and Director ICCBS-UoK Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary have congratulated Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman on his achievement, and said that this was an honour not only for the University but also for the whole nation.