LAHORE: Ijaz Chaudhary, the former president of PTI’s Punjab chapter, has demanded of the government to take immediate action against MQM top leadership after the shocking disclosures of Mustafa Kamal about the party’s criminal and anti-state activities.

Talking to PTI leaders at a meeting here yesterday, Mr Chaudhary said: “The mysterious silence of the ruling party over the startling revelations of Mustafa Kamal about his former top leadership raises many questions. The ruling party should have directed the secret and law enforcement agencies to take action against top MQM members who have connections with RAW and sanctioned hit on the life of the opponents.”

“Mustafa Kamal told the masses how his former boss Altaf Hussain made the people of Karachi hostage since the MQM took roots in the Sindh capital. In this hostage game many of the innocent people in the city had been killed.

“People of Karachi demands purge the economic hub of the country of criminals and terrorists once and for all,” the PTI leader added.–Staff Reporter