Anti-terrorism measures taken so far are mostly very expensive and defensive in nature. These measures do not stop a suicide bomber from reaching the target. If intercepted at any place, he will blow up whosever present and still create terror. Measures cannot be considered effective unless the suicide bomber is stopped at the source. The greater emphasis should be on intelligence and pre-emptive actions which does not require creation of any additional force.

Terrorist groups outside Pakistan are beyond our reach but facilitators living among us can be identified if people are organised on war footing. Politicians with experience of election campaigns can effectively participate in organising the people, if they do not act according to their political interest. No resident should escape scrutiny. By now, intelligence agencies must have extracted enough information from the arrested terrorists to formulate a policy of intelligence with public support.

Prompt implementation of verdicts of military courts is most essential. To the best of my knowledge, military courts do not follow slow procedures of civil courts but do not award sentence unless the crime is proved.

Political rulers will have to prove their mettle in speeding up implementation of the anti-terrorism measures.


Rawalpindi, February 17.