WR-LOS ANGELES-Ariana Grande's stage invader during her 'Dangerous Woman Tour' in Philadelphia says he just wanted a hug.

15-year-old Phil Conley surprised the star by rushing on to the stage but he insisted he just wanted to ''say hi'' to Ariana and get a cuddle.

He told TMZ: ''We went up to the stage where they have a fence and she put her hands out when she was singing and she looked at us so I got the feeling she saw me. And at the end of the part where she was singing 'Moonlight', I thought the concert was over so I said that I wanted to meet her and just say hi and hug her.

''I was about to jump when the security guy walked by so I waited until he passed and then I jumped and I was on stage.

''I didn't want to interrupt her song and ruin the concert so I stayed back and the security guards got my attention because they were all yelling at me.

''I think I scared her a little but she smiled and that's when the security guy picked me up.''

In video footage, which emerged online, Ariana, 23, was seen kneeling at the front of the stage singing her ballad 'Moonlight' and surrounded by faux smoke when the young man crept up behind her and nervously tried to get her attention.

Security guards could then be seen storming the stage and attempt to grab the intruder before he dodged them and ran out of shot.

However, within moments, the seasoned professional resumed her song.

Ariana took to Instagram following the show to ''thank'' her Philly fans and made no mention of the incident.