LAHORE - Pakistanis are a very passionate nation. They love to celebrate life at its fullest despite all odds. They have got talent to feel and cherish happiness. Cricket is something that unites the entire nation.

The zeal of cricket crazy nation evaporated all the terror fears up into smoke as people from all over the country thronged Lahore's Gaddafi Stadium for PSL final.

Thousands of policemen stood alert across provincial capital, as tens of thousands of people defied terror and reached Qaddafi stadium for the mega match on Sunday evening.

City police officers, in addition to paramilitary troopers, were on the frontline to guard the provincial metropolis barely three weeks after a suicide bomb attack on Lahore’s The Mall left 15 people dead including seven policemen.

Fearless crowds were seen roaring in the jam-packed stadium when international players landed in the ground shortly after a colourful ceremony. Literally, people in Lahore shrugged off terror alerts to see the Pakistan Super League’s final match. Also, there was a message “Cricket won, terrorists defeated” on the social media.

A great number of senior citizens, women, and children were among the crowds to welcome cricket in a country that witnessed a bloody terror wave last month. Over 130 people died and hundreds other wounded in a series of bomb attacks across Pakistan since February.

The City police Sunday mounted one of the biggest security operations involving elite police commandoes, police response units, Dolphins squads, and foot soldiers. The paramilitary troops were guarding the stadium to ensure foolproof security for the cricket fans.

Lahore DIG (Operations) Dr Haider Ashraf last night told The Nation that the city police threw a massive security blanket across Lahore to ensure best and foolproof security arrangement for the PSL final. He said that a massive police force was mobilised for the mega cricket event. “We are doing everything possible to ensure foolproof security for the Pakistan Super League,” the officer said.

The cricket fans were given access to the venue only after complete body search at four different stages. The field officers were seen using biometric machines, walkthrough gates, and metal detectors during the security operation.

On the other hand, security and law enforcement agencies were put on high-alert across the province since additional police were deployed to protect government installations, shopping malls, worship places, and public parks.

Weeks before the mega event, Lahore police had launched a major exercise to ensure best security arrangements. Cops conducted non-stop security sweeps throughout the metropolis besides intensifying searches at the entry and exit points of the metropolis.