ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) former president Atif Ikram Sheikh has said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is an achievement of the government, which will change the fate of the country.

He said Chinese investment on One Belt, One Road project is about to surpass $1 trillion, which will result in additional benefit to Pakistan. He further said that CPEC will help Pakistan to increase its income and influence to reduce poverty. He said that China should motivate its private sector to invest in industrial projects across Pakistan particularly in the underdeveloped areas.

Sheikh said that this project will have direct impact on the lives of general public and national economy. Pakistan has become the centre of attraction for international investors because of the CPEC as some 65 countries are joining the One Belt, One Road project. These 65 countries are contributing over 40 percent to the global GDP, which will have an impact on Pakistan too.

He noted that a number of Chinese companies have partnered with Pakistani government to develop energy infrastructure and rail-based mass transit, special economic zones, infrastructure development and Gwadar-related projects.

The business leader said that CPEC is a golden opportunity for Pakistan which is not acceptable for many powers therefore people in the country should try not to make it controversial. He said that the government should follow Shenzhen-style development in Gwadar, which is one of the wealthiest cities of China.