The health departments in Punjab including Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department as well as the Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education are gearing towards the institutional reforms and structural revamping. The bulging budgets along with strategic initiatives to bring the reforms in the health sector is indispensible for attaining the sectoral objectives of SDGs in which health is one of the major focus.

An integrated plan along with bold execution is needed for attaining it. In this regard, the health facilities which are unused primarily the Basic Health Units and Rural Health Centers must provide a preventive care so that patients don’t escalate to the secondary level facilities.

The excessive load on DHQ Hospitals and THQ Hospitals is severely creating problems of shortage of doctors and supplies in the secondary level health facilities in Punjab. By channeling the patients to primary level facilities with extensive communication and restoring the trust for enhanced service level will work in this regard.

The other area to work upon is the management of these facilities. It’s not pertinent that doctors are the only entities who can control the administrative matter of hospitals or any other type of health facilities. An experienced person with the academic background of disciplines related to management, administration and finance could equally manage the facilities effectively.

The suggestions on the technical grounds can unequivocally be provided by the healthcare professionals to the facilities managers. The monopoly of doctors to administer these facilities, therefore, needs to be banished.

The effective use of technology in the health sector is another pertinent aspect. Though government is implementing information technology systems for data collection through these facilities but any strategy for using the data to generate different analyses for preventive care has not been devised yet.

The above mentioned points are not all inclusive; nevertheless, by focusing on these points could bring incremental improvement in the health sector of Punjab.