KARACHI - Reiterating that Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) believes in the politics of service, the JI leaders asked the people to donate generously to the parties’ ‘Khushal Pakistan Fund’ to ensure a bright future of the country.

JI leaders were speaking at the launching ceremony of ‘Khushal Pakistan Fund’ campaign held at JI Karachi Headquarters Idara Noor-e-Haq.

The campaign was formally launched by JI Pakistan Deputy Chief Asadullah Bhutto Advocate. 

Speaking on the occasion, Bhutto highlighted the differences between the JI and other political parties, saying that JI believed that politics was synonymous to service for mankind, whereas other parties believed in corruption, selfish politics and following their own monetary interests. 

Giving the examples of Abdus Sattar Afghani and Nematullah Khan, he said that Abdus Sattar served the city as a mayor for a period of seven long years, but he could not even purchase his own residence, let alone building assets and balances. Similarly, Nematullah Khan was elected as city Nazim and by the end of his tenure he had become an icon of honesty. 

“JI Pakistan chief Siraj-ul-Haq had served Khyber Pakhtunkhoa as a senior finance minister, but even his opponents never charged him with corruption,” Bhutto boasted.

He said that the campaign would be run across the country and hoped that it would not only improve coordination between JI and masses but would also usher in a new era in Pakistan when politics would be based on honesty and service, instead of deception and vested interests of some families.

JI Karachi chief Engineer Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rahman said that JI was the only party in the country which followed democracy in letter and spirit.

He said that even the supreme judicial forums of the country had declared that only Siraj-ul-Haq would come clean if Article 62 and 63 were implemented in their true spirit. 

He said that the campaign had been launched and citizens had so far contributed Rs8 million to the fund.

He added that camps would be set up in connection with the campaign.

The JI leader appealed to masses to donate generously in order to ensure a bright future of their next generations as well as Pakistan.