MULTAN-Speakers at an international conference stressed on Monday the need for promoting plant-based foods, saying junk and fast food poses serious threats to the health and life of the citizens, especially the youth.

The two-day moot is organised by Food Science Department of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Multan (MNS-UAM) on "Plant-Based Food; Current Scenario and Future Perspective".

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor of MNS-UAM Dr Asif Ali said that the younger generation uses fast and fried foods excessively as a result of which their health is in jeopardy. He said that the people are falling prey to numerous diseases due to unavailability of organic food. "People should increase the use of foods made of plants and salads to make their lives healthy," he suggested. He noted that living without health is just useless.

Addressing the conference, VC of Nishtar Medical University, Dr Muzaffar Hussain Tanveer said that the motive behind holding this activity is to make the masses aware of importance of plants. He said that his varsity is working with MNS-UAM on a joint venture for food security. "This initiative will make the people aware of healthy foods and their importance as well as the ways to prevent diseases," he added.

Different foreign and local experts also spoke on the occasion. They pointed out that plants are a major source of nutrition, vitamins and minerals. "Their consumption as food not only boosts immunity of human body but also improves health conditions," they added.

Later on, a food expo was also held and different food companies set up their stalls.