KAMALIA-Awam League Chairman Riaz Fatyana flayed the government for the constant increase in petroleum products' prices.

Talking to the media in his office, Riaz Fatyana stated that a price hike of Rs20 in a year shows the malicious face of the government. "We highly condemn it.

If the government cannot provide relief to the people, it has no right to increase their problems. Increasing the prices of petroleum products will bring a new storm of inflation.

People are already living hand to mouth and the poor are driven to the brink of suicide due to the increased unemployment and increased inflation," he said.

He added, "Current PML-N government has let down the people. Corruption is everywhere and the government continues to rob the people by increasing the prices of basic necessities."

He urged the PML-N government to learn a lesson from the demise of the PPP and give relief to the people by reducing the prices of petroleum and other items of basic necessities.


A resident of Mohallah Charh submitted a complaint to the police that his brother Abid Hussain had gone missing.

He said that Abid had a currency exchange business with Imran and went missing after he went to receive some amount from his partner Imran. Umar Hayat submitted to the police that probably Imran had kidnapped his brother. City Police filed a case.