HAFIZABAD-The growers of Hafizabad district protested against the increase in the petroleum products' prices and called upon the government to withdraw the increase to relieve them from unnecessary burden.

Addressing a press conference, Vice-President of Pakistan Kisan Board Amanullah Chattha said that the present government had dropped petrol bomb on the masses for the past seven consecutive months and the present rise of Rs6 per litre has aggravated the situation.

He said that due to the increase in the POL prices, the cost of food production would be further increased and prices of all the essential commodities particularly vegetables would be increased due to extra transportation charges.

He called upon the government to withdraw the uncalled for increase in the POL prices.

Meanwhile, PTI district leader Ch Shoaib Hayat Tarar and PPP leader Syed Musaddaq Hussain Ghaznavi, in their separate statements, expressed their resentment over the increase in the petroleum prices and demanded withdrawal immediately.

On the other side, the federal minister national health said that the government has made legislations so as to empower and protest the rights of women so that they could play a key role in national affairs.

She was addressing a big gathering of female students, teachers in the Jinnah Hall Hafizabad in connection with Women's Day.

Federal Minister for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Saira Afzal Tarar said that due to the vision of the PML-N leadership, women were proving their mettle in political, administrative, judicial, health and education departments. She said that Islam also provides complete protection for the rights of the women and the constitution has also guaranteed their rights so as to make them self-reliant.

She called upon the parents to provide all sorts of facilities for their daughters too without any discrimination so as to imbibe in them self-confidence, enable them to utilise their talent and play a vital role in the development of the country.

Deputy Commissioner Saleha Saeed said that due to empowerment of women, their abilities and talents were being recognised in the country. She advised the students to concentrate on their studies and play their role in the social betterment and progress of the country.

She also paid tributes to those women who brighten the name of the district by serving the country.