WAZIRABAD-Various local leaders of ruling PML-N and other parties have decided to join the PTI on the arrival of its Chief Imran Khan in Gujranwala on March 16.

Thus, Hamid Nasir Chattha once again seems to be the pivot of national politics when a dozen politicians including former and sitting MNAs and MPAs were seen at his residence in Ahmad Nagar.

His residence is being visited for political counseling while almost 21 notable political figures of Punjab are in contact with Muhammad Ahmad Chatta who has allegedly shown interest to join PTI.

According to some reliable sources, almost one dozen present and runners up members of assemblies were present at the residence of Hamid Nasir Chattha in Ahmad Nagar for exchange of political views.

They included some PML-N's runners up candidate of election 2013 and sitting MNAs, MPAS and other political notable of Gujranwala District and got political tips from Hamid Nasir Chattha.

Most of the figures expressed their consent to join PTI. Political counseling remained continued till late night and they also enjoyed dinner.

Ahmad Nagar is once again going to be a political hub of national level in Gjranwala Division after a recess of 15 years. It was also noticed that 21 political figures of Punjab are in contact with Ahmad Chattha, son of Hamid Nasir Chattha and PTI's candidate from NA-79. They expressed their intention to join the PTI. Joining of the said figures may start in the next few days while some notables of PML-N will also join PTI on March 16 on the arrival of PTI Chief Imran Khan to Gujranwala, the source confirmed.