LAHORE - Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique has said Nawaz Sharif has been ousted from power because he did not accept dictations and put the country on the road to progress and development.

“What is happening at present in the country is not first time in the national history. Attempts are once again being made to do downsizing of politicians who served the country and took it ahead economically,” Rafique said while addressing a function organised by PML-N Women’s Wing. Maryam Nawaz was supposed to be the keynote speaker but she could not turn up due to appearance before the accountability court in Islamabad on Monday.

The railways minister criticised the decisions against Nawaz Sharif as well as the ongoing criminal references against the Sharifs and said over the last 70 years the practice to dub loyal and sincere leaders as thieves, killers, traitors and dacoits had been going on. As such what is being done to Nawaz Sharif and being stated against him by the courts is not new, he said. “History tells us that we all had turns to get such titles only for serving the country. It were our elders in the past and today we are serving our turn,” he said, describing the ‘turn takers’ oblivious of the fact how powerful is the politics and the politicians who cannot be taken out of the hearts and minds of people through any order, fatwa or propaganda of certain TV channels or by implicating them in false cases. The more politics and politicians are pressed, the more forcefully they come out, he said while speaking in favour of democracy and significance of politicians to sustain it.

The minister, giving reasons for the popular love for Nawaz Sharif, said when Nawaz Sharif comes to power, development and progress of the country and prosperity of the masses come along. He counted a number of infrastructural projects, which the PML-N government completed under the stewardship of Nawaz Sharif to end loadshedding, provide masses with best transport services and improved means of communication as well as to revamp the railways and enable it to become a self-sustaining and profitable department of the country. He said despite all the PML-N government was not let work smoothly and hurdles were created sometimes by Imran Khan and sometimes by the ‘negative elements sitting in the state institutions’.

Addressing such elements, he said Pakistan will not be run by their will but by the will of the masses. “It cannot happen that decisions are passed contrary to the will of the masses. Decisions are only that which the people will pass and change will come only through the ballot,” Khawaja Saad said, flaying the NAB actions against the bureaucrats. He said that corrupt people do not deliver to let the departments run nor thieves serve the country to change the lot of the masses. “Tell us what corruption Nawaz Sharif committed and harm caused to the country,” he said and added, Nawaz Shari has been victimised for not accepting dictations and raising voice for sanctity of the vote. He questioned: “How many of you would turn out and how many decapitate pronouncing them thieves and dacoits?” Now this practice must end at least at this juncture when the country is up against serious threats externally and its name has been included in ‘grey list’ by the international watchdog on the terror funding, he said. People in this country have been demanding justice and employment over the last 70 years so let’s do anything to get them these basic rights, he said. “How long will we continue to remain astray? Let the process continue so that the nation can find the destination of prosperity,” said.

Alluding to Imran Khan, the minister asked people to vote in the next election for serious people and not those who are grown up age wise but are prone to immature boyish activity. He said it is time that every institution and person realizes his responsibilities to take the country forward for which concerted and collective efforts are needed. The politics of leg pulling and allegations will not serve the country so shun it, he concluded.