OKARA-Women bring up their children and besides that, they play an undeniable role for the development of their nation and the motherland. These views were expressed by Assistant Commissioner Maham Asif Mali during an address to a seminar held at Govt Postgraduate College for Women in connection with International Women's Day.

College principal Shahida Asghar, Prof Asima Shahid, Farwa Naqwi, Dr Fariha Safi, Sadia Alvi, poetess Shabana Zaidi, Saima Rasheed, Prof Mumtaz and women representing different walks of life attended the seminar.

The assistant commissioner said that women should have recognised their importance for the society. She added that they should have utilized their capabilities inside and outside home to get their role for the society acknowledged.

College students - Iqra Shamim and Tehreem Khalid read out papers elucidating the sacrifices of women for her family and the society. In the end, commendatory shields were distributed to the women known for their social work in the society.