Lahore - Sulema Jahangir, daughter of late Asma Jahangir is all set to steady and carry forward the legacy of her dynamic mother.

The AGHS Law Associates, the law firm of Asma Jahangir (late) and Hina Jilani, is the first Pakistani law firm that deals with the legal aid.

“We are going to make an advisory council by the name of ‘Strength of Asma’ so that the legal aid is institutionalised through a formalised structure,” said Sulema Jahangir while talking to the Nation, Monday.

She said that advisory council is going to hire eminent lawyers from all provinces and major districts of Pakistan to continue the work of legal aid all across the country.

“We are going to ask qualified lawyers to take as many pro bono cases in their respective cities/ towns as they can so as to fill the void and carry on the project of Asma Jahangir,” expressed Sulema.

She said that no one can fill the void or do the work that the spirited lady was doing single handedly. But through properly engaging resources and manpower, they could formalise the structure of legal aid.

“We already have a qualified team of people who know their roles and responsibilities very well,” expressed Sulema. 

Although she is not planning to move back to Pakistan on permanent basis, she is staying here till June and will continue to visit after every few months in order look after the AGHS.

She said she wants the advisory council ‘Strength of Asma’ to be officiated before her leaving for England in June.

Munizae Jahangir, the elder daughter of late Asma Jahangir, said that upto 500 cases are reported to the AGHS each year. Some cases were pending at the time of her mother’s death.

“We just cannot leave the cases of people who used to look up to Asma Jahangir for help,” she said.

Talking about the struggles and motherly love of Asma Jahangir for her children, both daughters shared their respective experiences with the Nation.

“She was 21 when she got married. I was born and she was pregnant with her second daughter when she started studying law from home. She couldn’t go to attend the law college so her closest friend and later, partner in AGHS, Gul Rukh Rehman, used to bring her notes and teach her at home. She faced the same struggles and challenges of joint family system that any Pakistani woman can relate to. But she was a woman of substance and she chose to grab the opportunities rather than the handicaps,” revealed Munizae.

She said that Asma was a trouble shooter for everyone around let alone her children.

“Asma Jahangir was not only a prominent public figure but she was a role model for every mother too. She used to pick us up from school in her old car, take us to her chamber on Hall Road, Lahore and make us do our homework. From there she used to drop us off to home. She faced her struggles with heroism,” expressed Sulema.

Sulema is a dual qualified solicitor of the senior courts of England and advocate of the High Courts in Pakistan. She was a partner at AGHS before joining Dawson Cornell in England.



Ambreen Qureshi