Rawalpindi - The woman allegedly gunned down and thrown from 5th storey of a building in a private housing society on March 3 was a drug peddler and involved in supplying ice heroin (meth) in posh areas of the twin cities, sources disclosed to The Nation on Monday.

The police investigators have broadened the sphere of investigation to trace out other members of the alleged drug trafficking racket of which the woman was an active member, the sources added. Bisma Bibi, the deceased woman, was a Convent graduate, the sources said.

Bisma, 23, was allegedly shot by Nadir Khan in a flat where she was present with her friend Shumaila and 3 men, Sheraz, Zulqarnain and Azan, for a dance party, the sources said, adding that the police were interrogating the case through different angles. They said that the police investigators were waiting for recovery of Shumaila, who had fallen down from a window of the flat in a bid to escape the shooting and fractured her leg. “Shumaila is under treatment at Benazir Bhutto Hospital under strict police security,” the sources said.

The sources also said that Shumaila had refused to undergo medical examination to ascertain whether she had been sexually assaulted. They said that two accused, Azan and Sheraz, were still at large while the police were carrying out raids to arrest them.

SP Potohar Syed Ali said that the police had received the information that Bisma was involved in drug trafficking. However, the police have no solid evidence yet to prove the allegation, he said. “We will take this information serious and will probe to ascertain whether Bisma was involved in heroin supply or not,” he said.

He said that the police had registered a murder case against Nadir, Sheraz, Azan, Zulqarnain and Shumaila on complaint of the mother of Bisma, adding that Nadir and Zulqarnain had already been arrested. He also confirmed that Shumaila had refused to undergo medical examination.

Sub-Inspector Raja Arshad of Homicide Investigation Unit, who is investigation officer of the case, told The Nation that the investigations and post-mortem of the deceased woman had proved that all the five men and women were under influence of ice heroin when the shooting took place. He said that it was also proved that Nadir had shot and killed Bisma and had later thrown her body out of the flat.


He said that though Nadir, owner of the flat, had claimed that his friend Sheraz had invited two men and two woman in the flat without his permission and he opened firing to punish them, yet it would be probed either Nadir was present during the night or came at 6 am in the flat.

He said that all the five men and women often organised such dance parties in the flat. “I have applied for obtaining calls data record of all the accused and Bisma to ascertain the correct location of Nadir during the night,” he said.

CPO Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi, when approached, said that it was a dance party where shooting occurred, leading to death of a woman and injury of another woman. He said that the police would soon solve the case.