Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) government will have its soft launch in a period of three weeks. However, many are worried because the contractor has started dismantling structures along both sides of the main track at Reach-III of the project due to a design fault. While the spokesperson of the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA), Engineer Ikramullah, has reassured that the reconstruction has not costed the government and will be complete in due time for the soft launch, the government needs to provide a thorough analysis of the entire project which has faced several criticisms up until now.

Along with the cost of the project, which has relentlessly increased, the residents of Peshawar have also had to face a number of problems due to the construction - the foremost being the air pollution which has increased in the ratio and has contributed to the increase in respiratory diseases. The controversy surrounding the route of the BRT also impacted the green ratio of the city which is the result of the tussle between PTI and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N). Experts are also of the opinion that the selection of contractors on a project base has impacted the delivery of the project.

These are grave concerns which need to be addressed, especially keeping in mind what the people of the city have to say about the progress of the project and its impact on the city. An external audit is also required of the project which will clarify all the expenditure and the choice of contractors by the government. This is also a classic case of negligence when it comes to environmental concerns and the provincial government needs to introduce plantation drives to rid the city of the dust that now surrounds it.