With another winter leaving behind us, we have already started daydreaming about the upcoming spring collection. Each one of us is equally excited to know what the brands have to offer this season, what would be the popular colors, what is going to prevail in the style world and what features and cuts are going to take over the trend game? 

Spring is the divine amalgamation of vivid florets, pops of colors and gingham patterns.  Exploding from pastels to fiery neon, it is impossible to not get attracted towards such tempting eye candies.

Here are a few of many fashion commands we have aggregated for you:

Quirky Swan


Basic becoming nifty was so 2018. This year, spring is meant to go cool and quirky with vibrant tones and glamorous art work. A fully animated madcap shirt paired with wide pleated plain pants having a tinge of heavy bun and high heels is a complete parcel of class and craze.

Scarlet Macaw


To those who cower to no hues, this is you time to outshine. There is nothing wrong with a blend of bright colors personifying traditional handiwork and unique craftsmanship. This year’s fashion shows are all about electrifying fluorescent shades taking over the ramp with their variety of designs. A plain white straight pant alongside a kurti full of beans is our recommendation to light up the monotonous regular day out.  From solid primary colors through to earthy accents, be ready to give your wardrobe a thrilling vivacious volt as you channel your inner Rainbow.

Neon Broadbill


While, we all are ready to soak in the sunshine, East Breakout’s grand collection of color palettes, modern artistry and archaic silhouettes made us fall in love with this zany neon kurti divvied with symmetrical ligature. What is better than a bright outfit on a sunny brunch out? Gird up with this celestial combination of chartreuse and white to create a head turning moment for people around you.

Boss lady Magpie

Queens don’t compete with basics unless that basic is as snappy as this checkered monochrome attire carried with utter grace and sophistication. For formal and semi formal get-together, match your outfit with little or no accessories and high ponytail and you are all set to pull it off.

Let’s end this rollercoaster ride with a fashion tip of two words; Bright and wild. This is all you need to beat the sunny and slight heat this season.