The construction of Green Line BRTS is for public convenience, but sadly it is one of the reasons for an increased number of accidents on a daily basis. It is responsible for a dreadful traffic system resulting in many distortions for people travelling by public transport and by their own conveyance. Sadly, there is no proper and regular mechanism to maintain the free flowing traffic system. Most streets and roads are in dreadful conditions, and the public seems to be helpless regarding this matter. A number of accidents are a daily occurrence in the city of the Quaid. The worst traffic conditions make people get stuck in traffic for hours. The reason behind this is that roads are partitioned for the under-construction bridge, thus distorting traffic and preventing the free flow of vehicles. I would like to draw the attention of respective authorities and concerned departments towards the mentioned transportation complications, which cause the citizens travelling in Karachi to always place their lives at risk.


Karachi, February 20.