ISLAMABAD          -               Federal Minister for National Food Security Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar has said the government had set a target to procure 8.4 million tons wheat with the help of provinces this year. Talking to a private TV channel, he said the government had made the programme for food security of Rs 300 billion. The minister said the government had cultivated 50 per cent best wheat seed this season in Punjab, for better production. He said the country was facing economic challenges due to lack of consensus between the government and opposition. for two decades as it was essential for the development of any country. He said unfortunately 84 per cent of national production went in paying the debt, adding that since the passage of the18th amendment, the provinces still failing to increase tax revenue. Replying to a question, he said charter of economy was need of the hour. He said the agenda of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)  government was Islamic socialist and its foundation was accountability and provision of equal justice to people. He stressed upon the an energy policy which should be introduced in the country because the development of any sector was linked with the energy. The government was making efforts to reduce the inflation and circular debt soon. There was dire need to improve agriculture sector so that the production of crops especially wheat increase, he said and adding that increasing population was also a big issue of the country.



 Replying to another query, he said international community was acknowledging the wisdom of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who highlighted the Kashmir issue effectively at all the international forums. He said the government had taken opposition on board on all national issues and it had provided full support regarding the Kashmir issue.