Suicide ratio


It has been plentifully reported in many News Papers as regards committed suicide by the folks in different places across country. For last two months, 4 to 5 masses committed suicide owing to poverty and unemployment.

Leaders of this country just concerned over the dead of the masses at the time of their suicide and make a promise to maintain the inflation ratio and provide employment to people and many more, however, all the promises gone in vain afterwards. I just wonder how long such sort of rhetoric would be remained in our country and when the promises of the bliss of the people of Pakistan would be materialized?

I just heard the slogan of providing employments, decreasing inflation rate and have a happiness prevailing across the country however in contrary to all the things are taken place with regard to increasing in petroleum products, food items and inflation.

Prior to form the government and election, the leaders talks about the sky and planets but after assuming the charge of different portfolios, the leaders start blaming erstwhile government regarding the inadequately treasury of the country and starts seeking loans from IMF or World Bank.

Another my question is: how long these types of acts would remain in our culture and how long the upcoming leaders would blaming each other instead of do something favorable for the people of this country.

I request all the leaders of all parties please ponder over the status quo of the Pakistan as we are passing very hard time instead of censuring each other.

Together we will make Pakistan a jubilant place to live in.




Lal Masjid deja vu


Since 2007 Lal masjid has been in news for one reason or the other. Molana Abdul Aziz has again captured the mosque and has come with different demands including his appointment as Khateeb and a plot for seminary. Defying government’s writ in the capital is not understandable, especially when lot of bloodshed has occurred here back in 2007.

Presently, there is a standoff between government and cleric. The political temperature is rising and any untoward incident may occur. Indeed, there are some religious heads controlling and organising activities of all seminaries and mosques. It is their duty to diffuse this tension and come up with some viable solution.

Delay in solving sensitive issue may result in de ja vu of 2007 painful tragedy. Some strict laws are needed to be framed to overcome such pathetic situations. The message of love & tolerance is expected from prayer leaders sitting in the pulpit but when they take the reins of government in their hands, only chaos prevails.




Kashmir issue


Both India and Pakistan have durable uncertain issues. During many years of political commitment, they have attempted different configurations of dealings organized and non-organized, and individuals to-individuals. In any case, they have neglected to determine even a solitary respective debate.

Kashmir has been a flashpoint among India and Pakistan for over 50 years. Pakistan has reliably preferred this as the best answer for the contest. In perspective on the state’s dominant part Muslim populace, it accepts that it would cast a ballot to turn out to be a piece of Pakistan. Anyway a solitary plebiscite held in a district which involves people groups that are socially, strictly and ethnically various, it would make estranged minorities.

The Hindus of Jammu, and the Buddhists of Ladakh have never demonstrated any longing to join Pakistan and would dissent at the result. Such an answer would be probably not going to carry dependability to the locale as the Muslim occupants of Pakistani-directed Jammu and Kashmir, including the Northern Areas, have never demonstrated any craving to turn out to be a piece of India. The trouble of embracing this as a potential arrangement is that it requires India and Pakistan to surrender an area, which they are not ready to do.

Any plebiscite or submission liable to bring about a dominant part vote in favour of freedom would in this manner most likely be restricted by the two India and Pakistan. It would likewise be dismissed by the occupants of the state who are content with their status as a feature of the nations to which they as of now owe devotion.