LAHORE-PML-Q President Ch. Shujaat Hussain and Opposition leader in National Assembly Ch. Pervaiz Elahi have alleged that PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif is a defaulter of Rs 9 billion and is hell-bent upon destroying the Bank of Punjab. 'The move is politically-motivated for digging out even a 'false clue' which could prove us as bank defaulters', they said ,adding, that neither they nor their relatives received any financial aid from Bank of Punjab or any other bank over the last five years. They announced to start legal proceedings against those involved in character-assassination. They said that the postponement of by-polls could benefit Shahbaz Sharif, saying under this period, he could be able to pay the amount to contest the by-elections. PML(Q) would never accept the removal of present judges even for a brief period and would appreciate all legal efforts made for the solution of judicial crisis, they said. They said this while addressing a Press conference here on Monday. Senior leaders of PML(Q) including Ch Amir Hussain, Nisar Memon, Raja Basharat, Ch Zaheerud Din, Arshad Khan Lodhi etc were also present on the occasion. When asked about the existing tension between Presidency and PML(Q), Shujaat denied any such thing and said that he was an elected President of the party. He said that Presidency would only make conspiracies to remove him if Musharraf wants to be the party head which is out of question. To a query about Hamid Nasir Chatta's chances of becoming 'Q' President, Shujaat dispelled the impression while saying that he (Chatta) didn't want to become the party President. When asked about the rifts within the coalition govt and chances of PML(Q) to shake hands with Asif Zardari, he said that he wanted that this coalition should complete its five-year term. He said the PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif is always surrounded by false perceptions. He said that Nawaz was thinking that judicial crisis would be solved as per his wishes but his conviction would also come to an end. He would realise his popularity in the upcoming by-elections which are now being delayed, Shujaat added. To a question about the impeachment of President Musharraf by the ruling coalition, he said it is merely a far cry as no party would be able to take any step in this regard. Former Chief Minister Punjab Ch Pervaiz Elahi on the occasion said that when he had held the office of CM Punjab, Bank of Punjab was facing a severe loss. However, when he completed his term, this bank was in a profit of Rs 14 billion. He said a developed bank like BoP is being made a defaulter body by Shahbaz Sharif who is taking all the wrong steps. Commenting upon the action taken against the President of BoP, he said that Shahbaz was forcing him to give statement against us and on refusal, action was taken against him. He said neither we are defaulter of any bank nor we got any loans written-off. Shahbaz is indulging in 'unlawful activities' and had learnt nothing from his past eight years experience, he added. He said that the PML-N President should tell the nation in which capacity he was interviewing the officials and ordering their transfers. He said that Shahbaz was making a mockery of people at this critical hour. He further said that if wrong information was spread against us, we would 'sue as well as pursue the matter'. He said they had also filed and won a case against a foreign newspaper, Guardian some six months ago which alleged us for having accounts in former BCCI. Criticizing the present govt, Pervaiz said that they have failed to provide any relief to the people despite their pledges. He said these 'ineligible' rulers have no quality for serving the people and providing them relief. He said PML served the nation for five years as per the pledges made with the nation. On the issue of party Presidentship, he said Shujaat was the party President and there must be no confusion in this regard. He said meeting with President Musharraf was a routine matter but the party issues are discussed within party. Earlier, the PML leaders also chaired the meeting of their party members from Gujranwala.