Although in the last few years, owing to their failure in defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan, US high officials have been unilaterally stressing upon Pakistan to do more against the militants in its tribal areas and across the Pak-Afghan border, yet America and its western allies have intensified anti-Pakistan campaign. It magnifies the danger which our country not only faces at present in wake of perennial insurgency, but also indicates future intentions of those countries which have been playing double game with Pakistan. US-led west's anti-Pakistan campaign can be judged from their recent statements, based upon misperceptions regarding Islamabad. On April 24, 2009, Admiral Mullen remarked that he was "extremely concerned" about the Taliban's recent moves closer to Islamabad, further adding: "We're certainly moving closer to the tipping point" where Pakistan could be overtaken by extremists. On April 22, Hillary Clinton while revealing "an existential threat" to Pakistan, suggested that conditions with the US aid should encourage in accordance with Islamabad's actions against the militants. On April 23, while showing US concerns over the Swat truce, Clinton warned that Pakistan had dispersed its nuclear weapons throughout the country, increasing the risks that they could fall into the hands of terrorists. However, confused in combating the non-state actors realistically, both in Pakistan and Afghanistan, self-contradictions of US high officials could be noted from some statements. For example during his visit to Islamabad, Senator Kerry said on April 13 that Washington will not put any conditions on its aid to Islamabad. But on April 14, like Clinton, State Department spokesman Robert Wood rejected pleas that such assistance will be without conditions. Notably, President Obama, vowing to root out extremism from Pakistan, has already shown his support for tripling non-military assistance to Islamabad, while the US media reported recently that Washington has plan of US3 billion to train and equip Pakistan's military over the next five years. Nevertheless, US policy towards Pakistan is marked with paradoxes - sometimes threatening Islamabad and sometimes cajoling it with aid. Nonetheless, despite this ambivalent strategy, anti-Pakistan campaign has intensified against Pakistan because it is the only Islamic country, having nuclear assets. On April 22, in response to USA' new strategy which considers Afghanistan and Pakistan's FATA as a single theatre of war against terror, a report of American think tanks allegedly indicated that today, Taliban and Al-Qaeda's top leadership is based in Pakistan, retaining influence in state institutions. The report accused that the next generation of the world's most dangerous terrorists will be born and trained in Pakistan. The report was not new, displaying propaganda against Pakistan, in the most recent past, American military and civil leadership has repeatedly stated that terrorists have safe-havens in Pakistan's tribal areas from where they could plan an attack on USA and Europe. Anti-Pakistan campaign is not confined to the US only, even some other western countries have joined it. Recently, national spy agency of Netherlands blamed that a growing number of "Europeans are attending terror training camps in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan." Meanwhile, since 9/11 detention and arrest of the Muslims keep on going in the Western countries in the name of War on Terror which is evident from the recent arrest of 12 Pakistani students by the British authorities. We should not take this ill-conceived approach of the western leaders as stereotype. In fact, there is a coordination of anti-Pakistan propaganda campaign and the practical terrorist events, taking place in our country on daily basis. Despite showing more cooperation with our country, the main aim of the US including its allies remains to de-nuclearise Pakistan. Moreover, ideal geo-strategic location of our country with the Gwader port, linking Central and South Asia entailing Islamabad's close ties with China bothers USA, India and Israel who are in collusion to destabilise Pakistan for their common interests. It is owing to these reasons that Pakistan, its army and ISI have become special target of the external plot, even under the Obama administration. Availing the opportunity of the western propaganda, CIA, RAW and MOSSAD have also increased their secret activities against Pakistan by supporting the insurgents in NWFP and Balochistan. At present, acting upon the Iraq-like pre-planned strategy, US seems to conduct a full-fledged invasion on the FATA under the pretext of Talibanistaion. Some reports suggested that US could use daisy-cutters in these regions. But any such misadventure will have serious internal backlash against Americans. And ultimately, Pak-US ties which are already passing through a fading stage of 'trust deficit' are likely to reach the breaking point. Nevertheless, anti-Pakistan campaign has intensified as Washington looks succeeded in gaining the sympathies of some European countries, especially UK. Their combined opposition to the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation might also be cited as example. The writer is a foreign affairs analyst E-mail: