ISLAMABAD - CNG stations are charging 80 per cent gross profit on cost approximately from the consumers by selling the gas at Rs 50 per kilogram that costs them Rs 28.40 per kg inclusive of sales tax, TheNation reliably learnt. Certain quarters in Ministry of Finance believe that it was the highest rate of return ever recorded in any business. They said that out of gross profit, the CNG owners were supposed to pay electricity bills, staff pay and some annual expenses. They said that even after paying these amounts, a CNG station earned a huge profit. They said that it was the only business that pays back the actual investment within 2 or 3 years and that was not justified. They further said that this was like giving the opportunities to rich for becoming more rich and turning the poor to poorest. According to an economic analyst, this type of profit dangerously widens the gap between poor and rich. He further said that it was amazing that the government had kept silent on the issue and had left the consumers at the disposal of industrialists. The government despite burdening the consumers by increasing the price of CNG must decrease the profit of CNG stations, the analyst said. He said, Whenever the government increases gas price, the station owners instead of sacrificing out of their profits transfer the burden to the consumers and there is no authority to save the consumers from their atrocities. Actually it was the fault of the government that it had set their margins on a percentage basis, so with an increase in the price of CNG, the profit of gas stations used to increase automatically, he maintained. Keeping in view the above-mentioned situation, the government this year has regularized the gas stations taking them under the control of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) and in future the said authority would determine the gas prices instead of the gas stations association, which earlier used to determine the prices itself. The said the authority on the other hand still had not started working on the subject and the association was still determining the prices itself. As per an official of OGRA, Ministry of Petroleum had not provided them the CNG policy to work on. He said that as soon as the policy was provided to them, the OGRA would be in any position to take any decision regarding the price of the product. When contacted Tariq Kandan, Chairman CNG Association, said that there were no such profits in CNG business and presented a long list of expenses that a gas station owner has to bear. He also said that there was no possibility to make fraud in gas sales as the machinery used for gas sale was imported and could not be tampered with. On the contrary an official of Finance Ministry said that if there were no such profits then how come a person having one gas station could own at least two within 2 years. He further said that provided there were no huge profits and they were also not doing fraud in gas sales, then how was it possible for some stations to give 10-30pc discount to the consumers.