LONDON (APP) - Four out of 10 Pakistani national students currently detained at Manchester prison for deportation on national security grounds have lodged their bail applications with the Special Immigration Appeals Commission. Those who have moved the bail application are Shoaib Khan, Abdul Wahab Khan, Tariq ur Rehman and Abid Naseer, the defence team announced on Tuesday. Special Immigration Appeals Commission which was set up in 1999 under an Act of Parliament is a specialist tribunal adjudicating appeals where a person is considered to be a threat to national security of the country, will hear their appeals and bails. Tribunal consists of a senior high court judge, one immigration judge as a member and one person from KPMG group having experience of dealing with security matters and evidence. Its proceedings are conducted in half camera and half public. In the camera proceedings a special advocate is appointed by the government to protect the interest of the accused in secret session where all the secret evidence is presented and analysed. Appellants are being deported on grounds of posing threat to national security of UK as being concerned in Islamic extremist activities and for the reason that they were investigated under terrorism Act 2000 since April 8, 2009. Though no charges were brought under criminal proceedings and on April 21, they were released from criminal investigation to UK Border Agency who initiated immigration deportation proceedings. Barristers Sibghatullah Qadri QC, John Nicholson, George Brown will argue the bail applications before SIAC upon instructions of Amjad Malik solicitors. The defence team has urged the Pakistan High Commission to accelerate efforts to seek a facility for detainees for a telephone access to their legal team, family and consulate.