KARACHI - A three-day beach cleaning campaign was launched by the DHA on Tuesday. Administrator DHA, Karachi, Brig. Khalid Masood Tirmizi inaugurated the campaign. Hundreds of children belonging to DHA schools, especially DA Model Sea View participated in the beach cleaning drive with great zest and fervour. A colourful launching ceremony was arranged at the Sea View Park where the teachers and children of DHA schools showed a keen interest in the cleaning of the beach. The ceremony was a well organized event and discipline was seen at the function. Administrator DHA, Karachi, appreciated the efforts of the organizers of the event and he stressed upon the school children to participate in the beach cleaning with the motto to eliminate pollution from the beach. He appreciated the slogan of the event Do not litter, Let Karachi Glitter and said that the children should motivate their parents and elders to avoid polluting the environment. Additional Director DHA Colleges Col. (r) Naqvi, who was among the organizers of the event, also participated in the beach-cleaning campaign. Worth noting is that the Clifton beach appears the worlds most dirtiest beach where one can find all kinds of wastes and filth, especially the dung of camels and horses, being used to offer joy-riding to the visitors. In fact, the Clifton Beach is a stinking beach. The DHA campaign is an effort to make the beach free from pollution, waste and filth. However, to make the beach tidy and neat on regular basis, the DHA authorities should impose ban on the use of horses and camels and make efforts to ensure that the beach remains free of filth. The President of the Organising Committee Mrs Iffat Rashid said the campaign is a part of our continuous agenda to create awareness among our students, an awareness regarding the importance of the various gifts nature has bestowed upon us, and the needs to take care of them. The young minds are palpable, impressionable and easily influenced. Thus it is the duty of the teachers to inculcate in these young minds the desire to save our Mother Earth, as our survival is directly connected with it. We all know that the children of today are the leaders of Tomorrow, and their clear concept regarding cleaner environment will bear result on the world of Tomorrow, she added. Thus the need of this campaign becomes imperative. A child is the father of Man, said William Wordsworth and very rightly so. It is the child of today who will take the reign of the world and the right: teaching will enable him to work for cleaner Mother Earth. Someone might ask why Beaches? And the answer will simply be that the beaches are the gate way to Ocean, and the world comprises of 70% of Water, and the beach cleaning transcends the level of a mundane activity once it is seen in the holistic scheme of nature. This activity is more applicable to Pakistan where tile Coastline extends to 1015 Kilometre bordering the Arabian Sea. Cleaning the beaches will lead to a wish of knowing more about our rivers, seas and oceans -the marine life, corals, pearls and a word of wealth found in their depth.