RAWALPINDI - Punjab government did not even announce any package for the affectees of Ghakhar Plaza inferno in spite of passage of four months due to which the traders of Rawalpindi are in the state of distress and disappointment. Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif should grant Rs 125 million as a compensation of the gigantic loss of almost 400 traders that was occurred during devastating incident last December. Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Syed Asad Mashadi demanded this while talking to media men here on Tuesday. He said that it was incredibly shocking that federal government bluntly refused to help the affected traders, by throwing all the responsibility on provincial government regarding the matter, despite the fact that central government collects all the taxes from business community. After the clear cut reply from Islamabad, the traders of the city are reluctant to pay their taxes also, he added. Mashadi said that soon after the incident CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif formed a committee to assess the loss under the supervision of Provincial Minister Mian Shuja, he being RCCI president along with Commissioner Rawalpindi Division and several MNAs and MPAs were its members. The committee sent its report to CM Punjab and recommended that Rs 125 million should be allocated for affected traders as a compensation of the huge damages. In the meantime, Punjab government was toppled and Governor Rule was imposed in the province and unluckily the matter was put into the doldrums. When Shahbaz Sharifs government was restored, the affected traders of Ghakhar Plaza took a sigh of relief. At that time it was expected provincial government, after assumption of charge again, would resolve the matter on priority basis but after the lapse of one month, their hopes are going to die, Syed Asad added. He said that CM should do justice with the Ghakhar Plaza affectees and announce the compensation package of Rs 125 million for them by keeping his words or else RCCI along with other trade organization of the city would hold a protest against the unconcerned attitude of the government towards this important issue.