Mr Barach Hussein Obama, at this time when your country itself is in a pickle and the things have gone pear shaped to biblical proportions across the globe, the omniscient nature has plumped for you to be the in-charge of the affairs in the United States of America. The writer's insight says that deep down you are markedly different from the general run of the US presidents. I am not writing an encomium in your favour at all. What I feel honestly is that you are sorely perturbed and over-wrought over the messy state of affairs in the US and the plight of humanity at large. You are diametrically opposed to the aggressive imperialist designs and want to do something practically which can chip in towards the alleviation of the mankind. But Mr President, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Please never be oblivious of the fact that there is no open sesame. If you want to translate your feelings and thinking into reality, you will have to radiate the Rolls Royce of leadership. This is not the leadership which is referred to, in common parlance but one that comprises of initiative and imagination as its fulcrum. And in order to take the initiative, you need to be quintessential, self-confident and man enough to defy the entrenched practices and swim against the tide if required as, more often than not, the obvious and usual methods do not turn out to be the best ones. Mr President, indubitably this sort of leadership is an exceedingly rare quality but the situation is screaming out for this. Generally speaking, there are many recipes through the operation of which people make a bid to achieve their objectives but it, more often than not, happens that the obvious and usual methods deployed do not turn to be the best ones. You need to break new ground and act strikingly different from the previous presidents of the United States because in stark contrast with them, you have a hard nut to crack. You have taken up the reins of the US at a time when it is in a financially precarious condition and perilously close to disaster. Your country is facing highly ignominious defeats internationally and people, across the globe, perceive of it as a vicious power which will stop at nothing. Nobody can gainsay that American supremacy is fading fast and that a crunch of unimaginable proportions is staring it in the face. If you want to salvage your country, you will have to act promptly. The pathway you need to take may put a crimp on your image in certain influential quarters of the US and may cost your presidency and even life but you will have to display the spirit of sacrifice in order to bottom out the affairs of your country. People may dub you as a wimp in the beginning but ultimately, the world will immortalise you as its political genius par excellence. The recipe can be discussed on the following counts: Firstly, lift the bold step of pulling out from Afghanistan and Iraq immediately and recharge your batteries otherwise the situation will go haywire. You know very well that the threats of Al-Qaeda and terrorism have been cooked up by the CIA and Pentagon to grab the resources of various regions and increase influence in the world. Mr President, first comes the survival and then the need of extra resources and influence. At this time, various anti-US powers in the world have ranged themselves against it and are hell-bent on disgracing it and dampening the spirit of its military. And the unfortunate feature for the US is that they are going successfully in their plans. Realise the gravity of the situation and stop acting on the say-so of military-industrial complex, CIA, Pentagon etc. The imbecile policies of these institutions are making the US to bite the dust. Mr President, think for a while. Had the policies of these institutions been prudent, the US would not have been in a tight spot. You are the president and so act differently from the herd instinct. The US pull-out from Iraq and Afghanistan will definitely be regarded as its failure but this will be a temporary failure and your country may live to fight another day. Go for this step without a second thought, take opposition in good part and foil the plans of the anti-US powers, as time is running out and these powers are thinking up new moves by the day. Please also note that the Al-Qaeda is not potent enough to pose an immediate threat to your country. It has only a melodrama around it which gets its strength from the supply lines of the rival powers of the United States. Secondly, at least for the time being make your country avoid to be a nosy-parker, concentrate on allaying the economic disaffection of your people and increase the efficiency of your intelligence agencies to see any threat coming. Mr President, be mindful that the policy of wide-scale interference in the affairs of others is forcing them to join the ranks of the anti-US forces which are fixated on humiliating it. Concentrate on the domestic front, where a catalogue of afflictions have plagued your country. This is in the interest of the US which is badly writhing with embarrassment at the international front. Anodyne approach is the need of the hour. Thirdly, give a new dimension to the US foreign policy and refurbish its image by putting to an end the disjunction between what it speaks for and what it practices. This will earn your country more friends and lesser hostility. Mr President, the above-mentioned approach will save the day and spike the guns of the anti-US powers. But all this depends on you as you are the focal person. The writer is a foreign affairs analyst E-mail: