Socialite heiress Paris Hilton on her recent visit to London had bought a designer wig in a bid to fool her fans, but the plan failed miserably. Paris with her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt splurged on an expensive wig to hide from the public eye. We shopped for a wig at a departmental store to disguise myself from the public glare but as usual it didnt work, quoted Paris as saying. The 28-year-old star loves travelling and says she enjoys visiting places with her boyfriend. -TOI It was so romantic to be in London with Doug. We both love to travel, so its great that on business trips, we can go all over the world and spend quality time, Paris said. Talking about her equation with Doug, Paris says that it takes a lot to keep up with me and he is just about managing. We are going to get married one day so he will need to keep up with me. I am super happy right now. He is so amazing, she said.