LAHORE - Lawyers fraternity have announced to embark on the next phase of their movement, which, they said, would continue till ouster of the PCO judges from the superior courts. Advocate Hamid Khan, former President of Supreme Court Bar Association and leader in the lawyers movement addressing a function here Tuesday said that with restoration of judges to the November 2, 2007 position, first phase of their movement has been completed and the second one would complete when PCO judges would be ousted from the judiciary and trial of Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf will be held under high treason charges for abrogating the constitution. He said without ridding the judiciary of PCO judges, dream of independence of judiciary would never come true. Khan cautioned the lawyers and said the day of November 3 would never be forgotten otherwise that would come again. He said Musharraf and all of his conspirators and facilitators in strengthening his rule would be held accountable, and it was duty of everyone to discharge his responsibilities in this regard. He said first time in the state history, Article 6 would be brought into practice by holding trial of Musharraf. Hamid appreciated media for supporting lawyers movement. Former senior judge of the Supreme Court, Rana Baghwandas on the occasion said that PCO judges do not command confidence of the public. Baghwandas eulogized the lawyers movement terming it unprecedented, which met with a landmark victory on March 16 last. During the course of movement, he said, certain stages came when the rulers thought the lawyers are disarrayed and struggle has come to an end. But all that proved false. He said some deposed judges out of frustration took fresh oath of the office but despite all that he firmly believe in the success of the movement for thought independent judiciary inevitable for the survival of the country. Baghwandas said Allah Almighty does help those who are sincere in their efforts. In the movement, he said, lawyers led the nation and did not shirk giving sacrifices of any kinds in that course. The media, he said, fully supported them and result, is independent judiciary. Recollecting the past events, the former judge said, a seven-member Bench of the SC on November 3,2007 invalidated the PCO and sent a copy to the Aiwane Sadar, Prime Minister House, Army House, to the Governors, Chief Ministers and the judges against taking of oath of the PCO as well as against holding oath taking for this purpose. The SC order was also shown on the media, he said praising the role of media in the lawyers movement. President Lahore Bar Association, Rana Zia Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Awais, Pir Kaleem Ahmad Khursheed, Zafar Iqbal Kalanuri and Shafqat Mahmood Chauhan also spoke on the occasion.